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French Huguenot Jean Ribault. The Lost Fleet and flag ship La Trinite 1565

Huguenot Disaster – An Investigation Of Jean Ribault’s Fleet

In the first half of the 1500s, the Spanish made several expeditions to the New World, laying claim to a large region that included modern-day Florida, along with much of what we now know as the southeastern United States. However, unbeknownst to the Spanish, the French (French Huguenots) had already established a settlement at Fort […]

Who are the Huguenot - JeanRibault.org

Who Were the French Huguenots?

The Huguenots found their promised land in America. Some of its greatest founders would come from its ranks. Heroes like Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, George Washington, Francis Marion, the Dupont’s, all can trace their family tree back to their Huguenot roots. They left an indelible mark on a new world that has become the greatest bastion of democracy and religious freedom in world history. Few Christians suffered more for their faith than the Huguenots. Their sacrifice passed down to us must never be forgotten.