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Why Were the French Huguenots Killed

Why Were the French Huguenots Killed

The persecution and massacre of the French Huguenots during the 16th century remain a significant and tragic event in European history. This religious conflict between the Huguenots, who were French Protestants, and the powerful Catholic factions in France resulted in widespread violence and loss of life. Why were the French Huguenots killed? The Huguenots faced […]

Tracing the Past: Jean Ribault and Fort Caroline Timeline

Our journey tracing the past commences with the legendary French explorer, Jean Ribault, and the historical Fort Caroline. Ribault’s voyages in the 16th century left an indelible mark on the French colonization period, shaping the course of history in North America. Jean Ribault and Fort Caroline’s tale intrinsically ties with the French colonization of the […]

Jean Ribault’s Legacy: Huguenot Influence and Contributions

The annals of history are replete with stories of explorers who ventured into the unknown, pushing the boundaries of what was known and expanding the world map. One such significant figure, often overlooked in the chronicles of maritime exploration, is Jean Ribault, a French navigator whose expeditions in the 16th Century left an indelible imprint […]

The History of Jacksonville, Florida: Jean Ribault and the Huguenots

History often holds captivating stories that connect us to the past, shedding light on the people and events that have shaped the world we live in today. Jacksonville, Florida, a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty, is no exception. At the heart of Jacksonville’s history lies the enigmatic figure of […]

Emigration of the Huguenots 1566 by Jan Antoon Neuhuys

Huguenot History: Who Exactly Were The Huguenots?

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (the 1500s & 1600s), Protestants in France who followed the teachings of John Calvin were known as Huguenots. They were also referred to as French Protestants, members of the Reformed Church, and Calvinists. Calvin was a French theologian who rose to prominence in the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth […]

John Calvin, French Protestant Reformer

John Calvin: The Most Influential Huguenot Theologian In History

Few people would argue that John Calvin is one of the most important – if not the most important – theologians of (Reformed Theology) of modern times. Since the 1500s, Calvin had a huge impact on the Protestant church and many would rank him among the most influential ministers of the Word from France and […]

An Overview Of The Council Of Trent And Its Purpose cover

An Overview Of The Council Of Trent And Its Purpose

Held between 1545 and 1563 in Trent, Northern Italy, the Council Of Trent was the nineteenth ecumenical council of the Catholic Church. Also known as a general council, this event was a meeting of bishops and other important figures in the church to discuss, debate, and ultimately rule on various questions surrounding the Catholic doctrine. […]

The Consequences Of Spanish And French Colonization In Florida cover

The Consequences Of Spanish And French Colonization In Florida

In both France and Spain, the 100 years from 1500 to 1600 were incredibly turbulent, to say the least. During this period, the French Wars of Religion, involving conflicts between Protestants and Catholics, spilled over to America, leading to a change in the landscape of the United States, which can still be felt to this […]

King Charles IX

Charles IX, King Of France And His Link To Jean Ribault’s Expeditions

Jean Ribault came to fame as a French naval officer, navigator, explorer, and colonizer of what we know nowadays as the southeastern United States. A proud Huguenot, Ribault was heavily involved in colonizing modern-day Florida, leading an expedition to the New World in 1562 which resulted in the founding of Charlesfort on Parris Island, which […]

French Huguenot Myth Busted. Who Really Founded Fort Caroline in Florida?

French Huguenot Myth Busted. Who Really Founded Fort Caroline in Florida?

Contrary to popular belief, French Huguenot, Jean Ribault, was not the founder of Fort Caroline near present-day Jacksonville, Florida. It was, in fact, Ribault’s second in command, the courageous René Goulaine de Laudonnière. In 1564, our man Jean Ribault was locked away in the Tower of London and couldn’t make the return journey to re-supply […]