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Tracing the Past: Jean Ribault and Fort Caroline Timeline

Our journey tracing the past commences with the legendary French explorer, Jean Ribault, and the historical Fort Caroline. Ribault’s voyages in the 16th century left an indelible mark on the French colonization period, shaping the course of history in North America. Jean Ribault and Fort Caroline’s tale intrinsically ties with the French colonization of the […]

Jean Ribault’s Legacy: Huguenot Influence and Contributions

The annals of history are replete with stories of explorers who ventured into the unknown, pushing the boundaries of what was known and expanding the world map. One such significant figure, often overlooked in the chronicles of maritime exploration, is Jean Ribault, a French navigator whose expeditions in the 16th Century left an indelible imprint […]

Huguenot Heritage Sites in Florida: Preserving History

The memory of an era can fade away with time, but preserved historical sites serve as windows into the past, allowing us to catch glimpses of our ancestry. One such valuable story pertains to the Huguenots, a group of French Protestants who migrated to various parts of the world during the 16th century. Among the […]