Calvin Bryant's Speaking Engagements and Lectures
Calvin Bryant

With vibrant detail, rich graphics, and an upbeat storytelling approach, Calvin reveals many lost secrets of Jean Ribault and Florida’s Huguenot past

The story of Jean Ribault and the Huguenots is extremely dynamic, engaging, and inspiring. As Florida rapidly grows and “cancel culture” fights harder and harder to erase the truth of our past, people are rediscovering its amazing history. Just imagine how incredible it must have been for those early Huguenot settlers to view the coastline of the new world for the first time.  I wonder how they must have felt when meeting the native people on its shores and seeing how tall, and athletically built they were and, how rich their culture was. What motivated the Huguenots to come to the New World in the first place? A land so unknown, vast and distant from their highly modern culture in France? In his lectures, Calvin Bryant explores these questions and many more.  He reveals who Jean Ribault and Huguenots were, why they came, and what adventures they encountered while here.

“North Florida’s past comes alive as two kingdoms collide in a spectacular clash of faith and empire”
-Calvin Bryant